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The Best Food Service Design in Salt Lake City

Commercial kitchens rely on the quality of their food to provide their customers with the best service possible. When it comes to creating the best possible products, top quality kitchen equipment and optimized floorplans are key ingredients. When a kitchen moves or expands, owners often make the decision to upgrade and re-plan their kitchen areas. At 3PM Designs Inc, our team of unrivaled food service professionals consistently help Salt Lake City commercial kitchens achieve the design and functionality that they want.

3PM's Food Service Design

  • Equipment selection and appropriation; if you are unsure about the options available for your company, 3PM Design Inc.'s expert team can find and acquire the high quality equipment that best suits your needs.
  • Equipment installation; whether our client relies on us for their kitchen appliances or if they have already purchased their own, our team not only designs the layout of your kitchen but we install the equipment too!
  • Floorplan and design; using professional grade programs like AutoCAD and Revit, our professionals are able to provide each of our clients with a floorplan that maximizes floor space and kitchen utility.
  • Paperwork; bylaw and building codes can be tricky for those who don't have experience dealing with them.

Salt Lake City's Best Commercial Food Designs

When it comes time to design a new commercial kitchen space for your company, it is important to find a reliable design company to handle each aspect of your project. With 3PM Design Inc., Salt Lake City commercial food providers have a company that is able to offer comprehensive food service designs. Whether you need a floorplan or a complete equipment overhaul, our team is able to give high quality services every time.

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